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Post-Webinar Resource Hub

Access the recording and more helpful resources

Revisit the knowledge shared during the webinar, catch up on any important details you might have missed and take your understanding of what's coming for RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens by RedTeam to the next level. Our post-webinar resources are designed to ensure you don't miss out on any crucial insights.

Watch our recent webinar on demand and walk away with:

  • You’ll have access to reference materials about what’s new and what’s coming soon, as well as training webinars highlighting key features in depth
  • An overview of recent high-impact feature releases to enable you to run your projects more effectively and efficiently
  • You’ll learn about what’s next on the roadmap that the team is actively working on and get a sneak peek at some features that are in the early stages of development

Greater efficiencies for jobsite teams

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Set jobsite teams up for success

More reporting capabilities in Fieldlens, added flexibility when creating checklists in RedTeam Flex mobile and a new level of connectedness coming to the RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens integration.

Automated monthly reports

Report jobsite updates on your schedule. This feature update adds more flexibility to your scheduled reports in Fieldlens. Select the cadency you need from daily, weekly to monthly at the date of your choosing.

Checklist update

This update makes it easier to use checklists directly in RedTeam Flex, removing the need for external steps. You’re now able to enter long responses within checklist forms, saving you time and reducing the likelihood that checklists are not stored within your projects and shared with necessary stakeholders.

 Coming soon 
Drawing integration updates

Streamline communication and operations between field and office teams. We're working toward automating how you manage, access and update projects and drawings shared between RedTeam Flex and Fieldlens. With this future update projects will automatically send/link to Fieldlens; drawings will display and sync in both, including a field for the Author, Version/Scope; and we're adding the ability to "Supersede" drawings in Fieldlens.

Save time, reduce risk and create transparency

RedTeam Flex

New SOV Type Filter

Share your construction financials with confidence, knowing the right audience has access to all the information they need to make better decisions. The newly added filter option on Actual Cost Report, Indicated Outcome Report and Negotiated Cost Report based on SOV-types, allows you to choose how much detail you want to share. Have the freedom and flexibility to be transparent with project owners about project costs, while keeping the details of your internal administrative costs private.

Indicated Outcome Report

Indicated Outcome Report

Actual Cost Report

Actual Cost Report

Negotiated Cost Report

Negotiated Cost Report

Enhanced vendor quote management

With the new vendor quote step, we have drastically reduced the number of clicks required to manage vendor quotes. A clean and easy-to-navigate interface and more options to search, select, compare and award work to your vendors more user-friendly.

Coupled with the added ability to create commitments directly from a bid package, or by loading a bid package into a commitment, it's now even easier and more efficient to use preconstruction in RedTeam Flex.

Key features:

  • Track vendor quotes by status, RFQ date and more
  • All metadata is stored in the project, including quotes, communications and more
  • Vendors submit their quotes via a collaborative console. Once added to the bid package and selected as best, quotes automatically update the cost estimate
  • Create commitments and vendor changes directly from bid package quotes
  • Generate multiple vendor commitments from the same bid package when awarding the package to multiple vendors

Generate efficiencies for accounting teams

RedTeam Flex

Expense approval process updates

Streamline back office operations to increase efficiency with these new enhancements to the expense approval process in RedTeam Flex.

Mass routing for approvals

Increase efficiencies and save time for backoffice teams when routing multiple expenses for approval. The new Route button allows you to push all checked expenses into the approval workflow. When using the QuickBooks Online or Sage Intacct integration, employee expenses are automatically sent through the integration. 

Note: Expenses can be related to projects or overhead expenses in RedTeam Flex. For overhead expenses to be routed for approval, the ‘supervisor’ field in the employee profile must be filled out. 

Expense approval status column

Add clarity and save time with the new expense approval status column. Added to the employee expenses overview the 'Inbox' column now indicates who is responsible for an expense approval. It provides an easy way to quickly view the status of all unapproved expenses and streamlines employee expense management in RedTeam Flex.

ERP integration updates

We continuously work to optimize your experience when using third-party accounting integrations.

Sage 100 integration update

The newest version of our integration between RedTeam Flex and Sage 100 Contractor supports all cost types, including Labor, Material, Subcontract, Equipment and Other. Each cost type can be mapped to a unique set of Cost of Good Sold (COGS) accounts by Company Division.

Acumatica integration update

RedTeam Flex is now compatible with the following Acumatica Cloud ERP versions:

  • 2022 - R1 and R2
  • 2023 - R1 and R2

Next level standardization and data management

RedTeam Flex

 Coming soon 
Single Sign-On (SSO) for RedTeam Flex  

Manage employee access more efficiently

With Single Sign-On coming to RedTeam Flex your users can sign in with their company email and password across devices and systems. Standardize log-in processes for your team and simplify the administrative burden for back-office teams, who'll be able to manage access in one centralized location for the entire company. Experience an added level of security for your organization.

Note: Single Sign-On is supported through Microsoft Entra ID.

 Coming 2024 
Lien Waiver Updates

Consolidate your vendor payment process into RedTeam Flex

With this planned update to lien waiver management, you'll be able to save time, increase productivity and optimize how you handle lien waivers. Once released, you'll be able to create lien waiver templates and send lien waivers to vendors directly from RedTeam Flex. Vendors will be able to digitally sign the waivers in RedTeam Flex, so you’ll no longer have to manually upload signed waivers.

Note: The initial release for lien waiver exchange won't include immediate updates to TeamPlayer. In follow-up releases, however, we'll include TeamPlayer features for vendors to see the status of their waivers, the option to sign them and the ability to receive push notifications in TeamPlayer.

Bonus Materials

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