RedTeam Flex Release Updates

Simplify and streamline your workflows

How to start construction projects with RedTeam Flex

Our users got to know our new project setup flow and are now kicking off their projects more efficiently than ever. This update allows users to save time and reduce risk every step of the way with our new process that combines key project settings, preferences and preconstruction steps in one easy-to-use guided workflow.

New project setup workflow

Designed for greater efficiency

The new project setup workflow provides users with a step-by-step workflow combining all key project set-up items in one place. The more efficient setup reduces clicks and allows you to better configure your projects from initial setup, limiting the risk for potential issues downstream. Easily take advantage of all of the standardization and risk reduction benefits that RedTeam Flex offers. Explore the full set of configuration options available to you at the company- and project-level.  

Preconstruction with RedTeam Flex

Preconstruction in RedTeam Flex is now faster and easier than ever. Users can take advantage of the enhanced cost estimate, advanced vendor quote management and bid leveling functionality to create professional-looking proposal packages.

Creating an estimate

RedTeam Flex users can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors from manual work when creating and managing cost estimates.

Sending invitations to bid

Create bid packages and send invitations to bid directly from the cost estimate in RedTeam Flex for greater efficiency when managing vendor quotes.

Creating proposals

Create professional-looking proposals that include data entered during preconstruction with just a few clicks and get awarded more projects with RedTeam Flex.

Creating an estimate in RedTeam Flex

The new cost estimate upgrade

Increase efficiencies with automatic calculations of cost and price to reduce risk from bidding to project closeout.

Save time

The spreadsheet-style cost estimate with desktop-class performance, unbreakable formulas and simultaneous calculation of both cost and price directly links to many other items throughout the course of a project. Create estimates directly in RedTeam Flex and save time from start to finish.

Work collaboratively

Collaborate with multiple users on the cost estimate at the same time. Any changes are immediately reflected for everyone to see. Cost and price update in real time, so teams can keep moving forward on the bid process without waiting on others to complete their part.

Stored metadata

Reduce risk with the history of every update stored instantly, so everyone knows who took what action and when. This includes any interactions with vendors and potential customers during preconstruction.

Ready to explore the new functionality?

Sending invitations to bid

Creating bid packages in RedTeam Flex

Increase efficiencies, reduce risk and enhance collaboration and communication for the back office team.

New bid packages in RedTeam Flex

Now users can create bid packages combining multiple cost codes. Vendors submit their quote for the package, rather than for each cost code, one by one. Saving users and their vendors time when bidding for the work. 

Advanced bid leveling functionality

Once multiple quotes are received for a particular bid package, users can view the quotes side by side in a high level of detail. Navigate through each vendor's pricing by cost code and determine if bids exclude any items. Bid packages can be broken up and awarded to multiple vendors if necessary.

Managing vendor quotes in RedTeam Flex

The updated vendor quote process helps streamline back-office operations to increase efficiencies and reduce risk during preconstruction and when managing change requests.

Save time managing vendor quotes

With the new vendor quote step, we have drastically reduced the number of clicks required to manage vendor quotes. A clean and easy-to-navigate interface and more options to filter, sort or hide columns makes the whole process of selecting vendors more user-friendly.

Coupled with the new bid packages and bid leveling functionality, these enhancements make it even easier and more efficient to use preconstruction in RedTeam Flex.

Key features:

  • Filter, sort and hide columns to customize your view
  • Track vendor quotes by status, RFQ date and more
  • All metadata is stored in the project, including quotes, communications and more
  • Quotes submitted by vendors and selected as best automatically update the cost estimate

Creating Proposals in RedTeam Flex

Save time and reduce risk

Creating proposals in RedTeam Flex as part of your preconstruction and bidding process saves time and reduces risk throughout the project.

Create professional-looking proposals

Creating proposals directly in RedTeam Flex allows users to automatically pull all the data entered during preconstruction into your proposal. Not only saving valuable time, but also reducing manual work and risk for errors.

Standardized use of company-approved terms, further ensures compliance and reduces risk.

RedTeam Flex includes three standard proposal types:

  • Fixed Price
  • Construction Management (CM)
  • Time and Materials (T&M)

Every type is configurable for every project, while maintaining standardized terms for company or divisions.

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RedTeam Flex’s new preconstruction capabilities are fully collaborative. That means access to project information and the ability to work simultaneously on documents extend beyond the general contractor’s estimating team to all project stakeholders, including architects and engineers, subcontractors and project owners.

See why thousands of general contractors choose RedTeam Flex to manage construction projects from start to finish.

Affordability. We want our solution to be accessible to everyone, so we offer contractor-friendly pricing (pay as-you-go).

A proven track record. RedTeam Flex has been used on thousands of successful projects.

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