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Feb 2024 - RedTeam Go Product Updates - LP Hero

Post-Webinar Resource Hub

Access the recording and more helpful resources

Revisit the knowledge shared during the event, catch up on any important details you might have missed and take your understanding of RedTeam's solutions to the next level. Our post-webinar resources are designed to ensure you don't miss out on any crucial insights.

Watch our recent RedTeam Go Product Updates webinar on demand and walk away with:

  • An overview of the enhancements made to the budget worksheet functionality and Owner Contract module
  • A first look at the brand-new Import Estimate feature, developed to drive further efficiencies when creating cost estimates in RedTeam Go
  • ...and more

Experience greater efficiencies starting with preconstruction

More ways to manage preconstruction 

Save time and increase productivity for estimators and project managers. With our latest updates, our users are in charge of how they create and manage projects in RedTeam Go.

Import Estimate

Avoid errors from duplicate entries and increase productivity for preconstruction teams when creating a cost estimate outside RedTeam Go.

With the new downloadable estimate template, users can import an estimate from spreadsheets directly into RedTeam Go. 

Budget worksheet upgrade

Export the current view of the budget worksheet in RedTeam Go into an Excel file. This provides users the freedom to modify the budget worksheet in any way necessary before sharing it with the client.

For added flexibility, users can choose to print the entire worksheet or filter by cost type.

Owner Contracts Upgrade

Save time when creating and managing owner contracts in RedTeam Go. This upgrade gives RedTeam Go users total control over every owner contract from both an administrative and project level in an easy-to-use UI.

The upgrade includes a contract preparation checklist to ensure all items required before signing are included. 

Reduce administrative work for back-office teams

QuickBooks integration enhancements

We've made enhancements to the integration between RedTeam Go and QuickBooks. Streamline work for back-office and accounting teams as they manage expenses and invoices.

Credit Card Credit in QuickBooks Online

The integration between RedTeam Go and QuickBooks Online now enables accountants with a more efficient way to reconcile their credit card accounts when receiving credit card refunds.  

The new transaction type allows users to create "credit card credit-type" transactions via expenses in RedTeam Go, which will correctly update the corresponding credit card in QuickBooks Online.

Note: This update is only supported for QuickBooks Online.

Change sub bill application date

It's important for accountants to be able to decide which period a subcontract invoice will apply to in QuickBooks.
With this update, the accountant can change the transaction date that'll appear for an invoice received in QuickBooks while ‘accepting’ the bill. No additional steps required in QuickBooks. 

Note: Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions are supported with this update. 

Take the next step with RedTeam Go

  • Project management: Can it schedule, assign and track tasks?
  • Document control: Does it manage plans, revisions and other key documents efficiently?
  • Budgeting and cost control: Can it monitor and manage costs in real-time?
  • Collaboration tools: Does it support real-time communication between team members?
  • Bid management: Can it handle bid invitations, comparisons, and tracking?
  • Project close out management: Does it provide an efficient method to manage all project close out information?
  • Cloud-based solution: Does it offer a cloud solution or do you need to host it on your servers?
  • Testimonials: What do other construction companies say about the software?

Watch a RedTeam Go demo

If you're wondering: yes, RedTeam Go checks off all of the boxes. Don't just take our word, watch a 5-min demo a see if for yourself:

Success Story

RedTeam Go

RedTeam Go was a game-changer for Conseco Group—From a $200,000 business to a whopping $20 million business. They achieved an impressive 50% bid success rate, allowing them to secure more projects and expand their footprint in the industry.

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